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Strategic IT Services
The wide range of technology choices available today has ironically, made the task of choosing or building the right solution even more complicated. Our Strategic services are designed to help our clients answer difficult questions such as:
  • What types of technology will help make my business most competitive?
  • Should we invest in the “latest” or should we build on what we already have?
  • Should we standardize on a single system or limited set of products or should we look for the “best of class” to support each of our key business functions?
  • How do we go about choosing the system that provides the best fit for us, given that all the competing options have different strengths and weaknesses?
  • What about E-commerce, would that work for us?
The correct answers to these questions depend on each client’s unique circumstances. We assist clients in simplifying the decisions through services such as:


  • IT Policy and strategy development
  • IT Requirements analysis including development of Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  • System evaluation and selection
  • Assistance in developing E-business models, for clients wishing to use E-commerce or offer Internet-based services.
  • Special studies and investigations including those addressing issues with social, developmental or public policy implications, and development of project proposals.